Mac Malone Publishing Co. (BMI), Label: MAC AUDIO

 Mac Audio,Home of 436 MEDIA Inc., where Jazz,Blues,Hip Hop,Rock,Country,R&B,and EDM Live.


 EDM WORLD DANCE MUSIC is Rocking The World Community. We all enjoy a good community dance so, lets jump in, the EDM CROWD is Great!

Trying to replace thoughts with sounds is like experiencing an EDM concert with 25,000 watts blowing through your ears, when you WAKE UP  from the madness you still here the music with out a single thought for what has happened. EDM World dance music replaces your thoughts with SOUND, it ROCKS.
Feel Free To Donate any amount to help support                             EDM WORLD DANCE MUSIC PRODUCTION and Take an Active Role in Spreading The Love for EDM WORLD DANCE MUSIC.)
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